Hello, we are Studio 38, a creative digital agency based in Siberia.

We are a team of designers and developers who want to make world a better place. No matter where we are, we want everything to work, look and feel better.

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Flying X-mas trees

Interactive multidevice game, devoted to a great holiday - New Year. Get hit with.

Timber company illustration

Illustrated website for wood-cutting company in Siberia.

Bar website

Story-telling parallax website for a local Restaurant & Bar.

Fire truck illustration

It's red, gloss and beautiful!

Luxury residential complex website

Illustrated website for luxury residential complex in historical center of Irkutsk city near Baikal.

Premium residential complex website

Website illustrated with detailed 3D-models for premium-class residential complex in Irkutsk city. It looks totally like a Sims game!

Bottled water brand website

Awesome bottled water illustration based on creative concept.

New year themed game

Legendary old school game diligently knitted with love and New Year spirit.

School supplies Illustration

Elaborate illustration of a school bag and its contents.

Restaurant iOS App

Rocketboy illustration

One more illustration for a school-themed website.

Illustrations for Infinity website

Photo retouch and illustrations for Infinity website.

E-office identity

Cloud service identity.

Concrete mixer car illustration

Yep, it’s pretty awesome.

Aerated concrete manufacturer website

Clean, Informative and well-structured website with shop functions for aerated concrete company.

Chemical holding company corporate identity

Logo & identity for a major russian chemical holding.

Radio communication company website

Decently illustrated website for a company selling radio equipment.

Heavy machinery retailer printed ads illustrations

Elaborate ilustrations of heavy-duty vehicles for billboard advertisement.

Mobile TV-stations company illustration

Detailed illustration of a mobile TV-station.

Chemical holding company website

Major russian chemical holding website.